Day 40: Disney +, Elf on the Shelf & more Christmas Family Fun! | 101 Days till Christmas

Mickey and Minnie Christmas Tree at Disney Springs
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Check out the latest TOP 10 Christmas Countdown posts! I’m SUPER excited to share with you the most popular blogs on the countdown, as we hit Day 40! It’s just 40 days till Christmas! And I love that a lot of the top posts have to do with Christmas family fun! We’re talking the brand new Christmas movie Noelle on Disney+, Elf on the Shelf shennanigans, Sea World’s Christmas Celebration & more! Check it out!

Top 10 Blog Posts on the 101 Days till Christmas Countdown!

1. Christmas family fun with the new Disney+ exclusive Christmas movie, Noelle!

Disney+ Noelle Movie Poster
My daughter and I got to see a movie screening of the new Christmas movie on Disney plus, Noelle, with Anna Kendrick!

2. November Self-Care Ideas

Click below to read more!

3. A November Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list in November? You still have time to get some ideas here and add some of your own!

4. Fall Fashion Ideas (for warmer Florida weather!)

This was also a top post in the last “top posts roundup!”

101 Days till Christmas Day 57 Fall Fashion Ideas for Warm Weather
101 Days till Christmas Day 57 Fall Fashion Ideas for Warm Weather

5. Instant Pot Fall Dinners (yum!)

Need some dinner inspiration? How about Jambalaya, Egg Roll in a Bowl or meatball pasta that you can make in an “Instant Pot”? Click for recipe links & more ideas!

I’m a FAN of the Instant Pot! Here’s my Amazon affiliate link, in case you want to check it out! At no extra cost, I could get a small comission if you make a purchase. Thanks!

Instant Pot on a kitchen counter

6. How are YOU doing? A heart to heart conversation before the Holidays.

This post also showed up in the last top posts roundup on this 101 Days till Christmas Countdown! It’s all about checking in on YOU and finding out if you feel tired and worn out. Spend a little time journaling or chatting with a friend. Chances are, you have people around you ready to support you and share that you’re not alone.

7. A Thanksgiving Checklist!

This is a 3-week Thanksgiving Checklist, but a lot of the things we can still do in the next 2 weeks or so!

You can also check out my 1 week Thanksgiving Challenge!

1 week of Thanksgiving challenge free printable
A 1 week Thanksgiving Challenge to practice gratitude!

8. Tips to help you sleep better (after Daylight Saving Time) so you can enjoy MORE Christmas Family Fun!

I know we’re past Daylight Saving Time at this point, but these tips to help us sleep better are great no matter what time of year!

9. Christmas Family fun with “Elf on the Shelf!”

Our elf Trix is back! He showed up in one of my 101 Days till Christmas Countdown videos on Instagram (IGTV) and ever since, my 9 year old daughter started asking about him! She wrote him letters, left him messages, checked for him every day UNTIL! He finally came back!

101 Days till Christmas Day 49 Elf on the Shelf
101 Days till Christmas Day 49 Elf on the Shelf

10. Christmas Celebration at Sea World San Antonio!

(Thank you to Sea World San Antonio for hosting our family and sponsoring the Christmas Celebration blog post.) We moved to Orlando, Florida earlier this year (and have already been to Sea World Orlando with my radio station for the Praise Wave Christian music concert!) But last year we LOVED the Christmas Celebration at Sea World San Antonio!

Sea World San Antonio Christmas Celebration!
We had TOO much fun at the Sea World Christmas Celebration in San Antonio, TX!

I hope you find some Christmas family fun ideas (and more) here on the top 10 most recent blog posts. The heart behind the 101 Days till Christmas Countdown is to get through the holiday season with less stress and more joy!

Laughing thru life,


Mickey and Minnie Christmas Tree at DIsney Springs