Day 52: 8 November Self Care Ideas | 101 Days till Christmas

101 Days till Christmas Day 52 8 November Self Care Ideas
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It’s the first weekend in November and it’s only gonna get busier from now on! The holiday season is “practically” in full gear and if you’re like me, as much as I have GREAT intentions, I have not ordered Christmas cards yet. I haven’t updated the Christmas Card list (yet!) So let’s get to it! But first, since it’s going to be a busy month, let’s make sure to prioritize rest and self-care. I’ve been really digging into this concept of rest now that I’m in my 40s. But I wish I would have not neglected it in my 20s and 30s. I know every season is different, but rest is important no matter what season we’re in. Rested people are more peaceful, kind and creative! It’s worth it to stop and rest! So here are a few pins to inspire you to spend some time and enjoy these November self-care ideas!

November Self-Care Ideas: Free, Cheap & Splurgey!

See if any of these ideas make you go “Ahhhh, yessss.” Then save that pin and put the plan on your calendar! This will be a busy month, but we’ll be in great shape to handle it because we’ll be rested and ready!

November Self-care: FREE or CHEAP!

These November self care ideas are free (or cheap), so all you have to do is … do them!

1. Listen to that album (or playlist) you’ve been meaning to check out.

I’m including this in the “free or cheap” because if you already pay for Spotify (like we do), it’s not an extra expense — it’s already in the budget! But if you don’t, there are ways to enjoy your favorite music for free, too! ( I work at a radio station, so there’s always THAT!) 😉

One of my favorite bands of all time, Keane, recently released a new album and I have yet to hear the whole thing. I definitely need to make time for that! Maybe I’ll do it on the ride home from work tonight! And for my holiday fans, Idina Menzel also has a new album out! Shout out to my sis Emille for sharing it with me!)

2. Sip and savor a cup of tea

This is “free” if you already have tea at home! And if you don’t, tea bags are relatively inexpensive. There’s just something super soothing about sitting down with dimmed lights, a cozy blanket and a warm mug of your favorite tea. I’ll admit, I’m not a big tea drinker, but the occassional cup of chamomile has been comforting. I might need to do that again soon.

3. Call or video chat your family!

Man, I’m REALLY bad at this! And I truly love my brother in Japan, and my parents, grandma and sister who live here in Florida! But life is so busy, it’s hard to make time. I left my dad a message earlier this week. Hopefully, we’ll get a date on the calendar to see each other BEFORE Thanksgiving! LOL! And maybe we’ll video chat with brother in Japan while we’re there!

4. Journal

I’m including this in the “free or cheap” category if you already have a journal around your home that you seldom use. Pull it out! You’ll want to journal to get relief from holiday stress, but also to remember the special times! I love journaling and often find that it’s a fantastic way to do both! It’s a way to write down prayers, celebrate God’s answers, pour out my heart and, later, look back and see how faithful God has been! He always is!

November Self-care: Splurges

Book a hair appointment!

Confession: my last hair appointment was last spring, before we moved from Houston to Orlando! YIKES! Lol! My hair could use a bit of love. Right now, the budget is a bit tight, but thankfully, there are a few things I can try at home that are not too splurgey! I might get one of those hair masks and see if that works! It’ll be self-care even if it’s not a full day out at a salon!

Pick out a cute outfit

If you’re like me, NOT a lover of shopping, you may be a bit behind in this category. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to pick out a cute outfit and I think it may be time. It doesn’t even have to be that splurgey! I’ve seen cute tops and dresses at TJ Maxx and Ross for $20 or less! But it’ll be such a nice feeling to do something for you! And if your kids need clothes and the budget workes out, picking stuff out for them can be an awesome feeling, too!

Get your nails done (bonus if you go with your mom, sister, grandma or a friend!)

Unless this is a regular thing for you, I heard Christy Wright on her Business Boutique podcast encourage us to do this more than once a year! (Guilty as charged!) Get your nails done! If the budget allows, and your famliy or friends are available, this could almost turn into a fun day (or half day) of pampering. A local nail salon has spa pedis for $27! Not too bad!

Spend an afternoon at a bookstore or coffee shop

Ah, this is one of my favorite things ever! And I seldom do it! Plus, my hubby and I have enjoyed the occassional “Barnes and Noble” date, sitting at the cafe, enjoying coffee and maybe a coffee cake or brownie, browsing books and magazines. That’s the life! If it’s been too long for you, doing something like that, something you REALLY love and enjoy, today’s the day to plan it on the calendar!

Now, get your calendar out and pencil in your favorite November Self-care idea!

We joke that, when we do this, my hubby and I start saying, so do you think March would work?! And yes, it’s November, but our schedules get so busy, it’s a joke that’s almost too true! If you’re the same, I’m learning that we have to be super intentionaly about saying NO to something, so we can say yes to rest and self-care. Our families will appreciate having a not-run-down-ragged mom. (Dad will appreciate it, too!)

Hope this helps you, as I’m hoping it’ll help me, too!

Laughing thru life,


101 Days till Christmas Day 52 8 November Self Care Ideas
101 Days till Christmas Day 52 8 November Self Care Ideas

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