Day 54: A November Bucket List! | 101 Days till Christmas

101 Days till Christmas Day 54 November Bucket List!
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Happy November 1st! I know today can be kind of a shock. Yes, we’re officially IN the holiday season, if you ask me. Starbucks red cups are about to start popping up everywhere. YAY! And at the same time, it can be stressful to anticipate not just the holiday joy, but also ALL THE THINGS WE HAVE TO GET DONE! So before the holidays get too hectic, let’s dream a little! Here’s a November Bucket List that you can use as inspiration. But don’t just day dream about it; plan it! Put some of these bucket list items on the calendar. And let’s have fun!

A November Bucket List!

Check out these ideas! And if you have any that I didn’t include, share them in the comments below! The more ideas the better! But, just for those of us who are perfectionists — don’t stress! It’s not about doing EVERYTHING on this bucket list. Pick even just one thing, but make those awesome memories with your family this fall!

Enjoy a fall festival!

Here’s the Orlando Mom Collective’s list — a couple last throughout November!

Watch your favorite “fall movie”

We love the Charlie Brown holiday movie specials!

Throw a football party!

My husband and son are San Francisco 49ers fans and they’re having the BEST SEASON since like 1990! CRAZY! I think that is definitely worthy of a party! 🙂

Coppelia's family at an NFL 49ers game in Houston!
Coppelia’s family at an NFL 49ers game in Houston!

Cheer on your local Veterans at a parade (here’s the City of Orlando’s parade info.)

Our family went to a Memorial Day parade in Sanford, FL and it was AWESOME! If you have the opportunity to attend a local Veterans parade, go for it. It’s a blessing to honor and celebrate our former and current service men and women.

Plan a “Friendsgiving party!”

Thanksgiving is usually all about family, but don’t neglect your friends! Plan a post-Thanksgiving get together (or a let’s not shop on Black Friday party, if that’s more your thing. lol!)

Try a new fall-respired recipe for dinner!

I’ve been wanting to try butternut squash risotto!

Eat a caramel apple!

…extra points if you get one at Disney Springs! It’s a new family favorite for us!

Got any other November Bucket List ideas?

I know here in Orlando, a lot of the theme parks have AMAZING Holiday parties and decor, so if you have park tickets, ENJOY THEM! But if not, there’s still too much fun to not go out and cherish the season we’re in! Share some of your ideas in the comments below!

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101 Days till Christmas Day 54 November Bucket List!
101 Days till Christmas Day 54 November Bucket List!