Day 41: Type 2 Diabetes and the Holidays | 101 Days till Christmas

Thanksgiving dinner dishes beautifully arranged
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You may know someone who has Type 2 Diabetes. And since World Diabetes Day was celebrated this week, I’m sharing a wonderful article from my friend and amazing blogger, Mila Clarke Buckley of The Hangry Woman here on the blog today (see below!) I hope it’ll help you navigate Type 2 Diabetes for yourself or a loved one, especially around the holidays.

Type 2 Diabetes and the Holidays with your family

Type 2 Diabetes runs in my family. I’ve heard my mom talk about having “gestational diabetes” when she was pregnant with my younger brother. I also remember watching my grandfather check his blood sugar every time I came over to his house in Puerto Rico. My husband’s grandma has Type 2 Diabetes as well, so we both grew up, watching people we love deal with it.

Guest blogger: Mila of The Hangry Woman!

You might have a diabetic family member or friend who’s coming over for Thanksgiving or another fun holiday meal! How can you make sure you’re considering and including them, without exclusion or stigma? My friend Mila addresses that in this EPIC article on the shame and stigma of Type 2 Diabetes. (Excerpt below. Click here for the full article.)

I think I deal with stress and anxiety every day when it comes to my diabetes. But I’m always anxious about the judgment that comes with revealing a type 2 diagnosis. I’ve shared it so many times, but I still brace for impact.

But I and others with type 2 are doing the very best we can. That’s the one positive thing I can say.

Shame, stigma, and broad-brush generalizations aside, many of us with type 2 diabetes are living full, joyful, and healthy lives. There’s no need to shame anyone else to explain your diabetes. And I’ll scream that from the rooftops for anyone who will listen to me.

Mila, The Hangry Woman

If you’re looking for AMAZING Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes that are Type 2 Diabetes friendly, Mila, The Hangry Woman, has you covered! Here are a couple of favorites from her site:

A Thanksgiving Meal for Two

Pumpkin Pecan Pie!

Hope that helps you to ENJOY this holiday season to the fullest, regardless of that Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis.

Huge thanks to Mila Clark Buckley for sharing The Hangry Woman and being a guest on my blog today!

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Thanksgiving dishes to help Type 2 Diabetics navigate the holidays
Type 2 Diabetes and the holidays