Day 42: World Kindness Day Everyday! | 101 Days till Christmas

Family together sharing kindness
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In case you missed it, World Kindness Day was earlier this week, but we can celebrate it everyday! Incredibly, I heard a message about kindness on the radio this morning. Coincidence? Of course not!

And as we’re counting down the 101 Days till Christmas Countdown, kindness is going to be ever more needed (between shopping and family drama and all the hustle and bustle!)

My friend Dwight is a life coach. It’s a blessing to know him through the radio station where I work in Orlando, Florida. When I heard his voice this morning on the radio, it made my day! Not just because I heard a friend, talking to my other friends, morning show hosts Ellis and Tyler, but because of what Dwight shared about kindness. 

Love and Kindness matter

You’ve probably heard the famous chapter of love in the Bible, 1st Corinthians 13. Like Dwight shared, we hear it quoted a lot at weddings. “Love is patient. Love is kind.” I couldn’t stop thinking about those words while I got ready for work in the morning. Have I been patient with my husband and kids, the people I say I love the MOST? The answer is, wellll… not necessarily.

Busy families need EXTRA Kindness | … on World Kindness Day & Everyday!

Maybe you can relate to this (especially if you’re a busy working mom like me!) I can be SO impatient, especially with my family! And what about kindness? Have I been kind in the way I speak, the way I interact with my family? Sometimes I’m so rushed it’s more like “hurry up, we’re going to be late!” Less kind and more short tempered. Ouch.

Sometimes it’s important to hear words we’ve glossed over for so many years and stop to really listen. 

Love is patient.

Love is kind. 

It’s so easy to nod our heads and say, YES, I love love! We quote it — “love is patient, love is kind.” Got it, thanks! And then we turn around and yell at someone after we trip all over the shoes we asked them to put away … a gazillion times.

Stop, breathe and spread kindness like confetti on World Kindness Day and EVERYDAY!

Maybe today, we can celebrate World Kindness Day (even if it’s a day late) and try again the next time we see our husband, wife, kids, co-workers and friends. Maybe when we feel ourselves getting short-tempered, we can stop and say, love is patient. And wait a few minutes before we lose it. Breathe. Pray. Hug instead of yell. And spread kindness around like confetti.

Let’s remind ourselves today and every day that love … is … kind.

Laughing thru life,

Family spending time together. One way to celebrate World Kindness Day!