Day 39: 7 Fridge Organization Tips & Tools | 101 Days till Christmas

Fridge organization bins and containers with colorful lids
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In case you missed “National Clean Out Your Fridge Day” (it was November 15th), I’m sharing some Fridge Organization Tips and Tools to help you get your fridge and freezer ready for Thanksgiving food (and leftovers!)

7 Fridge Organization Tips & Tools!

I’m sharing my Amazon affiliate links here with you. At no extra cost to you, I may receive a small comission if you choose to buy something!

1. Stackable bins!

This is a super simple way to double the space in your fridge by stacking bins! It also helps sort things by category and keep them together, like soda cans (La Croix, anyone?)

2. Lazy Susan Spinning Food Storage

Is it ever frustrating to have to move a gazillion things in your fridge to find the ONE things you’re looking WAY for in the back? I hadn’t even thought of this, but a Lazy Susan in the fridge is BRILLIANT! And I love that it’s clear, so it’s easier to see the contents!

3. Organizer Bins with Vents for fruits & veggies!

Is anyone else’s fruit and veggie situation in the fridge a jumble of produce bags in the drawer? I love that these bins are vented, so we can organize our produce AND keep it fresh!

4. Food packet storage organizer bin

I LOVE this idea for organizing food packets. It can be so easy to buy a bunch of those tuna packets, chili or gravy packets … and then wonder where the heck they went! LOL These bins solve that problem. YAY!

5. Storage organizer bins with HANDLES!

If you’re like my hubby and you LOVE all the sauces and condiments, these bins keep all those jars organized. And if you want to move them, they have HANDLES! Gotta love it! It’s like the bin version of POCKETS! Kind of.

6. Leftover storage containers with colorful lids!

If your family is like my family, you can always use some extra food containers. I love how these are stackable AND the lids are so colorful! The ones we have are honestly getting old and the lids are like a maroon/brown-ish color. It may be time to get some pretty new COLORS in our kitchen!

7. Pyrex glass multicolored food container set!

We have a set similar to this one and it’s lasted FOREVER! We have blue lids, but I’m tempted to get an extra set because these multicolored lids are so cute! And the set we have is all round, so I’d love a few rectangle shaped glass containers. (This may or may not be in my Amazon cart…lol!)

Hope these fridge organization tools and tips help you get your fridge nice and ready for all the Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Christmas & all your holiday party food and leftovers! YUM! Let’s keep this 101 Days till Christmas Countdown rolling!

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Colorful food storage bins inside a refrigerator
Colorful food storage bins inside a refrigerator