Day 86: Do you know what your family wants for Christmas? | 101 Days till Christmas

101 Days till Christmas Day 86 Holiday Values Worksheet
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This blog title is about more than a “wish list” of wants & desires that you’re going to try to buy on sale between Black Friday & Cyber Monday. It’s about knowing what your family wants for Christmas … for real. Do they want to spend more time together? Would you like to request more vacation time? Did everyone love a particular activity, like ice skating or driving to see lights? Was there a consensus over something that nobody really enjoyed (like building a gingerbread house?)

There’s a tool to help you figure all that out! And it’s actually a FREE printable on one of the Christmas planners that I shared earlier on this 101 Days till Christmas Countdown! It’s the:

(FREE) Holiday Values Worksheet from Organized Christmas!

I was a little TOO excited about filling out this worksheet because it’s so good! It invites you to have a conversation over dinner and find out what you and your family loved about the holidays last year (and what you didn’t.)

Admittedly, my kids didn’t want to do “Christmas homework” at first. That word “worksheet” was making them break out in hives … lol! Eventually, though, we had a nice conversation about it.

It made me really happy to realize that, without overthinking it, our family had already been doing a lot of what we enjoyed. We were participating in meaningful traditions and avoiding things, for the most part, that nobody cared about.

But filling up the worksheet was a great exercise regardless. It made me realize that, if we want to have a more meaningful Christmas with more family time, it’s going to take planning. It’ll take planning financially, with our schedules and just so we can truly be prepared.

That’s what this 101 Days till Christmas Countdown is all about.

It’s not just because I want to get Christmas started as early as possible (although YAY!!!!) I want this WHOLE holiday season to be everything you hope it can be and more. And it can be … especially if we do a little heart-searching early and make it a point to do what will communicate love to those around us.

Is it time to spread Christmas cheer yet?! Maybe not … but soon!

Laughing (and filling out holiday worksheets) thru life,


101 Days till Christmas Day 86 Holiday Values Worksheet
101 Days till Christmas Day 86 Holiday Values Worksheet