Day 89: Pre Holiday Self Care Check Up |101 Days till Christmas

101 Days till Christmas Day 89 Pre Holiday Self Care Check up
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Today’s post on the 101 Days till Christmas countdown is about YOU! We’re doing a “Pre-holiday self check up!” I want to check up on you, even if Christmas is not even on your radar (yet!) How are you feeling? And how’s your life in general? What about your family, marriage, kids and your job?

Honestly, when was the last time someone asked “How are you” and waited for your answer?

So, really, how are you doing?

You can tell me in the comments below!

A little soul-searching “pre – holiday self check up” is good!

If we realize we’re a bit (or a lot) stressed, overwhelmed, depleted … or even flat broke, we can do something about it now, before the holidays. We can ask for help. Things may not turn around overnight, but we can start looking for solutions to problems. Don’t keep plowing thru life without looking up. You may end up plowing right thru the holiday season in a blur with no enjoyment. And I don’t want that for you or me!

There are a gazillion articles about avoiding or reducing stress during the holidays because so many of us ARE stressed!

So you know those questions I asked above – how are you, your family, etc? Let’s break them down below and get the process started! I’ll share a bit about me below, but if you’d like, copy + paste this and do this exercise for yourself! It can be in a NOTE on your phone or you can journal. But I really think this process will help us stress less as we head into the holiday season and enjoy it!

Pre Holiday Self Check up

Start here: How are YOU?

Next: How is your family?

How is your marriage?

And how about your kids?

How is your job?

And finally, how are your friendships?

(Feel free to copy + paste & fill it out for yourself!)

And here’s a little honest “Pre holiday self check up” from my own life:

How are YOU?

I’m ok! It’s been an interesting, sometimes VERY rough, sometimes awesome new season in Florida. Our family is still adjusting and, in the midst of it, I’ve had big moments of stress. But I’ve found that journaling helps. I met a life coach who came to my new radio station for a “lunch and learn,” and he encouraged journaling for stress relief. He even gifted me a journal! How sweet!

I’ve also been listening to Christian meditations at night before bed (Abide app, or Encounter meditations). I practice breathing exercises (sometimes in the middle of the day with Google Fit breathe on my Fossil Q smartwatch!) And I pray ALL the time! lol! It’s like an ongoing conversation between me and God.

So I have been stressed out lately, but I’ve been finding ways to manage it as best as I can.

How is your family?

Thank God, my family is doing well! We’ve had some in-law issues and my relationship with my parents could use some prayer. But for the most part, I’m thankful that we are all ok. The kids have been adjusting well to new schools and sports (new coaches, teammates, etc…) I love our neighborhood and going for family walks with our dog. Our schedule is crazy, but we try to have family dinner together every night (even if it’s usually around 9pm after sports!)

How is your marriage?

We’re doing good! Adam and I recently celebrated 15 years of marriage (yay!) It just so happened that we flew to FL for a job interview in January (our anniversary month) and my sister got us Disney tickets! We got to celebrate our 15th at the same spot where we came for our Disney honeymoon! We had dinner at our favorite restaurant at Epcot! He’s really my prince charming in every way! <3

Of course, a BIG move like we just did back in the spring, puts stress on ANY marriage. I can confirm that. Our big move from TX to FL has been stressful in many ways. Ask me one of these days. MAN, there have been some stressful moments over the last 5 or 6 months, but we are making it thru! We love each other and, at the end of the day, there’s a lot of apologies and forgiveness. A lot of prayer. And I know this is just the beginning of an exciting new season! The best is yet to come!

How are your kids?

Thank God, they’re both doing well! They are my blessings from the Lord and bring so much JOY to my life! I love seeing them adjust so well to our new life in FL. We have had a few hiccups with my daughter missing her gym back in Houston (understandably). But for the most part, it’s been a season of “let’s give this new life a chance.” And we keep seeing how God has been providing new friends, new experiences and adventures. I feel like we’re at the beginning of the story, barely getting started, and good chapters are up ahead!

How is your job?

I’m really thankful for a new radio job with great new co-workers! As with anything new, it’s been a little nerve-wracking (what if they don’t like me, or I don’t like them?!) lol! But it’s been going well! And while it’s been a bit of a stretch to do radio in both English and “en Español,” I’m trusting that God has a plan that He’s working out behind the scenes and we’re here for a reason! We are getting little glimpses of what He’s doing and it’s exciting!

And to wrap up our “pre holiday self check up”:

How are your friendships?

Um, they could always use a bit of watering and tending. Our family schedule is usually so crazy! But I’m thankful that I get to live closer to my sister here in Florida! She’s also been introducing me to some of her friends (and so far, they’ve all been AWESOME!) And most of them have been as Disney-obsessed as we are! LOL!

It’s been fun getting to know my new radio co-workers. And we’re also starting to plug in at church and getting to know some of the parents at our kids’ sports. And I LOVE staying in touch with our old friends from TX, CA and even Puerto Rico! (Social media FTW!)

So, it’s not bad in the friendship department, but can always get better!

Now it’s YOUR turn! Copy + paste the questions and do your own little pre-holiday self checkup! It’ll help us figure out where we are and what we can improve. That way, we can really dig into this 101 Days till Christmas countdown and enjoy the journey as much as the destination!

Laughing (and doing a little self-check up) thru life,


P.S. I found a BONUS for you! If this pre-holiday self care check up idea “rings a bell” (Christmas pun intended), you’ll want to check out this podcast on “Healing thru Rest” by one of my favorites, Chrystal Evans Hurst. I literally sat in my car, shocked that I was listening to exactly what I needed. God knew! Hope it blesses you, too!


101 Days till Christmas Day 89 Pre Holiday Self Care Check Up pin
101 Days till Christmas Day 89 Pre Holiday Self Care Check Up pin