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What If Your Requests Were Granted?

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I’m loving this today. I’ve been reading excerpts from “Daring Faith” in my Bible app.

Today, I read about how this guy in the Bible named Nehemiah prayed & asked God for favor to rebuild a city in ruins. After praying, he met with the king and asked him for a bunch of stuff he needed. And then, check this out!

 “… the king granted these requests, because the gracious hand of God was on me.” ‭‭Nehemiah‬ ‭2:8‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Not only did the king grant Nehemiah’s requests, he sent him off with officers & horsemen to protect him.

Wow. When God takes care of things, He does it with abundance. He does it with more than we could have asked for. He does it with what He knows we will need.

In some ways, I feel like Nehemiah. In the Bible it says he heard about the problem during the Fall. In the Spring, he asked the king & got his request granted.

Last fall, Adam & I were praying about what to do with our “problem.” Should I quit my radio job and launch a full time singing/speaking/blogging ministry?

In the same way Nehemiah would be leaving the palace (and all its lush comforts), we would be leaving the security & comfort of a steady paycheck from a solid ministry.

And just like Nehemiah, as we head into the Spring season, we’re seeing God (our king), provide everything we need, and giving us “officers & horsemen” to protect us on this journey.

Ever since we took that wild & daring step of faith to leave a secure job & pursue ministry, my hubby Adam and I are seeing repeatedly how God had already been preparing the way, even before we set out. He is leaving us amazed by how He continues to guide and provide every step we take.

(Crazy side note, maybe on a spiritual level, I had a nightmare that was hard to shake this morning. It was our whole family, Adam & the kids, and I vaguely remember my parents there, too. There seemed to be more kids involved than just mine as well. We kept finding ourselves in life or death situations. The outcome of an elevator going up and out of a high rise building and plunging to the ground, but landing safely in a parking spot without damaging any of the cars parked around it, is crazy. I remember crying out to God for protection as we were falling, and He surely protected us. Then, we were eating at a fast food restaurant, like a Taco Cabana (we never go there). But all of a sudden, the restaurant started moving, like someone was hauling it. Remember, this is a nightmare; it doesn’t have to make sense. I asked my mom if we could just open a door and jump out to escape, but it didn’t seem safe. When it stopped, we walked around a house (like the restaurant had connected to a house with different rooms and areas.)  There were other people and it didn’t seem like an immediately dangerous situation. But at one point, a young girl said, “you know you’re here to get killed, right?” The girl and another young girl with her were like, hey, don’t worry. It’s no big deal, it’s better that way, etc. So crazy. The rest of the dream, I remember trying to figure out what to do next to escape to safety. I must have woken up after that. All I can think of is how that might have been a glimpse into spiritual warfare. Wow. But if our God is for us, who could be against us.)

Considering the weird dream/nightmare, and then reading part of Nehemiah’s story this morning, I just keep seeing more confirmation that this has to be God at work.

This is my prayer. Maybe you can pray it for you and your family as well.

  • Father, I pray for protection for all my family, my parents, my kids & their friends. And for myself as well. Lord, please be with us, send your officers and horsemen for protection and guide us to accomplish what You are calling us to do. Please give us a long, fruitful, healthy, satisfying life to glorify You and You alone. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Coppe ❤️