Unplug Yourself | 28 Day Challenge to Fill Your Home with Love

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Why. Is. This. So. Hard??? Unless you live in an electronic-free environment, it can be a challenge to “unplug.” So today’s challenge is to put our smart phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, computers, laptops, etc… down, so we can fill our home with (more) love.

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And if you have been following along, we are on day 6 of the challenge. Today’s task could be super easy or extra hard, depending on your current digital habits.

Your Day 6 Challenge is to Unplug from Electronics & Social Media.

The average American household has 24 electronic products, according to Forbes. Can you believe it? No wonder it can be hard to disconnect from our devices. They’re EVERYWHERE!

The Child Mind Institute wrote about how tech is changing families: 

“As work and home life bleed together, she sees children distracted from the business of childhood—learning—by parents who are not really “with” them even when they’re sharing meals, taking them to school, or supervising bedtime.”

Anyone else feeling “guilty as charged.” As I wrote that line, I saw myself tied to the kitchen counter by my cellphone’s cable trying to “charge” it. Get it? Guilty as CHARGED? Lol!

Ok, never mind, I was just trying to be funny. 😉

But seriously, you can probably see this in your family and the people around you. Next time you go out to eat, just look around. It’s amazing the amount of people, kids AND grown ups, who have their heads down, locked in to a screen. My family included.

Enjoying crepes with family and friends!
(Note the tablet and my daughter’s funny face! LOL! And shout out to my beautiful blogger & pastor’s wife friend Crystal Lee Williams!)

Stop the (technology) madness!

Our family has tried electronic-free mealtimes in our home. But to be honest, sometimes it’s more of a fight and letting the issue go seems the “easy way out.” Basically, it plays out like this:

Option A: Ask the family to put away electronics and have everyone get mad, put their phones down and refuse to talk during dinner.

Option B: Let everyone eat dinner in peace while they watch whatever they want online, plus watch the game that’s on TV, and reply to every text that comes in and leave comments on Instagram.

Ummm… it seems like a lose-lose situation, doesn’t it?

I was determined to find a solution, so I’ll share with you here what I’m trying in hopes it’ll help us both UNPLUG, love our families well and fill our homes with more of that love!

Thanksgiving in our new house
This was our FIRST dinner in our new home. That house story is miraculous! God is good all the time!

The (best) Solutions (we could come up with)

Since the goal of this 28 Day Challenge is to Fill Your Home with Love, I don’t want this to be a restriction-heavy mess of a situation. We don’t have to get crazy. So I’m keeping it simple. You can pick one of these ideas for YOUR family, or share with me ideas that you have seen work in your own home. I’d love to hear them in the comments below:

  • Pick a day (or a time) to unplug. Some ideas include:
    • Electronics-free dinner
    • Turn off devices every night at 8pm or 9pm
    • No electronics during the weekday (weekends only)
    • From 5pm to 8pm grown ups “unplug” to be with the kids
  • Set limits
    • 30, 45 or 60 minutes max per day on any device
    • Install apps and software to help you track time
    • Share passwords and check in on each other regularly.
  • Have electronics “rules”
    • No electronics until after homework.
    • Chores before devices.
    • Lose the device as a consequence

Today’s challenge should help us fill our homes with love because when we put our phones and other devices down, we have a better chance of looking each other in the eye, hugging (hands-free) and connecting.

I experienced this first hand during a 30 day “Hard Break” from social media. It was eye-opening and, to be honest, ENJOYABLE! I highly recommend it and I will probably do it again in the near future.

Have you been trying to UNPLUG? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Laughing (and unplugging) thru life,


9 thoughts on “Unplug Yourself | 28 Day Challenge to Fill Your Home with Love

    1. Thanks, Lisa! And yes, when I took my 30 day break, I even had to let my boss know, because we use social media at work! Even if a long break is not realistic, it’s nice to take little breathers now and then! By the way, thank you for reading my blog!

  1. Such good ideas and hard to implement, especially when there are 5 adults living in my home including 3 sons and a boarder. I think I should probably try it for myself since it’s so hard to unplug. LOL I keep my phone handy in case any of my other adult children need to get in touch with me. Then I have a couple of friends I stay available for because we encourage each other sometimes with music, sometimes with scripture. But that being said, I know it would be very good for me to have some periods of the day where there are no electronic devices on. Blessings to you!

    1. Wow, Gayl, you have a full house! I can imagine it would be a challenge to completely “unplug.” And what a blessing to have those friends who are encouraging each other! I love those positive aspects of being connected online. But yes, a little time off can’t hurt!

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