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Transformation Tuesday Pre-2017 Kick-off! 

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Ok, so I will start this transformation story with truth.

I had planned to go work out early on Monday, but I overslept! We had gone to bed super late the night before and I justified not really needing to wake up early to work out in favor of beauty sleep. Ha!

But this morning, I don’t know if the spirit of the #transformationtuesday hashtag got a hold of me or what, but something got me out of bed and I made it to the gym, ready to work out!

Loganitus training bootcamp personal trainer selfie
While I was there my trainer Logan and I decided we were not going to wait another month until the beginning of the new year, but we were going to start a transformation challenge TODAY.

No better day to start than today! 

We took measurements (ugh), weighed in (no surprises there), and had a GREAT workout!!! 

I. am. pumped!!!!!

Loganitus training bootcamp personal trainer selfie
The thing is, I know food is going to be the biggest game changer, so … pray for me. Lol! But really! 

This is just a brief kick-off post, but I will be updating weekly for the next twelve weeks with meal plans, workout tips & more! 

To start off, we’re combining 5-6 days of cardio (running) & bootcamp sessions. I’m also tracking my food & aiming to stay at 1200-1500 calories, using the SparkPeople app (love it!)  

I hope you’ll follow along & keep me accountable … or jump in and join us!

Laughing (and sweating) thru life,