Official Inspiration Summer Kick-Off!!!

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Today is June 1st and we’re just one half-school-day away from summer vacation, so I am declaring this my OFFICIAL INSPIRATION SUMMER KICK-OFF!!!

There is another reason why I’m personally deciding this. Like many of my friends who know me well would tell you, I am a fan of the birthday-month celebration. You only get one birthday every year, so in our home, you get the whole, entire month! It’s YOURS!

(Thankfully, we all have different birthday months in our family and none of them are December, so we’re good! It’s tough to compete with Christmas…!) lol!

But really, the more I think of it, there are a lot of reasons I want to make this an Inspiration Summer:


This summer, there’s a LOT going on in our family. My hubby has a brain tumor, and we’re waiting to get into MD Anderson to chat with the neurosurgeon and figure out a game plan. And we are PRAYING. But we’re also thankful to live in Houston, so close to a world-renowned medical center that people come to for the best possible treatments. I definitely thank God for that.

This summer, I’m also facing a BIG Milestone Birthday. Dare I say it ???? No, I won’t say it yet. But I think I might … soon. I’m still deciding what to do with this milestone!!! LOL! But whatever I end up doing, I’ll be celebrating the whole month, no matter what!

This summer, I get to be home with my kids. Unless something changes (which it could), as of now, I have pretty much all the time in the world to spend with my kids this summer. All summer long. It’s hard to describe, having been a working mom since they were born, what this means. I know some people might cringe at this idea … what the heck are you going to DO with the kids for a whole summer??? But a part of me has always longed to spend more time with my kids when I had to spend so much time working away from home. So THIS is going to be one awesome summer!

And this summer, I’ve decided to do something I should have done long ago. My hubby and I have noticed something different when we’ve been invited into the homes of friends for whom we have a special love and appreciation. I don’t know if this has ever happened to you — where you walk into a house and just feel at peace. It’s inviting, refreshing and you leave feeling loved. I think our home can take this to the next level by doing two simple things that Adam and I noticed many of these homes had in common:

  • They have inspirational Bible verses posted beautifully throughout their home.
  • They have Christian music playing in the background.

It’s funny that both Adam and I have noticed this repeatedly at homes of friends and acquaintances, and thought, wow, we should do more of that. We should play more worship music and display more Bible verses around our home.

It seems like such a simple thing, but I believe by the end of this summer-long immersion in God, surrounding ourselves with His word and music that inspires us to worship Him and reminds us of His goodness and love for us … we won’t be able to help but have a more peaceful environment (and hopefully a cooler one, too, once the Houston heat really kicks in!)

I’ll be posting throughout the summer to check-in and let you know how it’s going with our Inspiration Summer. And I’d love for you to join me in doing this. It’s easy! Literally, there are just 2 things to do:

  • Post Bible verses around your home. It can be as simple as post-it notes and index cards and notes on magnets on the fridge … or you can purchase beautiful art prints, like some of my favorites from Scarlet and Gold.

2013 Shay Cochrane
2013 Shay Cochrane

  • And for the music that you can have playing at home, I’m going to enlist my hubby Adam & our kids in curating a Spotify playlist of some of our family’s favorite inspirational, worship songs. I’ll post here on the blog and let you know soon when that’s available. Make sure you sign up for the email newsletter to get all the latest updates!

This is going to be the Best. Inspiration. Summer. EVER!!! I hope you’ll join me and be a part of it!