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So it’s Holy Week.

If you are a Christian, feel free to skip the next few paragraphs or bear with me.
Ok, everyone else, let’s chat for a minute. 

Have you ever been turned off by church? Maybe you have been to church and it was boring or irrelevant. 

Maybe you’ve met mean “so-called” Christians who have hurt you with their words or actions (or lack of action.)

Maybe what you know about “Christians” makes you just want to throw up. They hate love and equality (or so you’ve heard.) They don’t want women to have choices and rights (or so you think). 

So, what about Holy Week? And why would anyone want to have anything to do with those awful sounding people?

Check this out–

Imagine all the media, making a big deal about some guy who supposedly is coming to fix things and solve problems. He’s got ISIS, global warming & world hunger on his agenda & He can totally make things right. This is the GUY!!! Let’s all wear t-shirts with his face, wave flags when his entourage comes down our street and like his Facebook page!!!

Imagine just one week later, the masses turn against this guy. He’s a FRAUD!!! Get rid of him!! We are DISliking his page and online bullying him now. 

He gets executed. People sell his stuff on Ebay. Story is over.

Except it’s still Holy Week. The story is not over. 

This all happened in a different way, many years ago. And it’s still unfolding today.

This week, the Passion story was told by celebrities on network television through an incredible Tyler Perry production. 

People who normally don’t go to church have Easter clothes and brunch plans following the yearly church reunion. Hey, you even get to see some old friends! 

I grew up in church around Christians–both nice ones and mean ones. I have questioned a lot of things that didn’t make sense. I have met a lot of people who celebrated a not-so-holy-week, living up the holiday at clubs and beaches in Puerto Rico, where I grew up. But at the end of the day, I always come back to one thing. Actually, I come back to one person.

A lot of the craziness surrounding that one person doesn’t always make sense. 

Those of us who follow him, sometimes do a great job and sometimes we fail massively. But He always makes sense.

All I ever have to do when things around me get crazy, is go back to who He is.

If I simply look at Jesus, read about him in the Bible and truly get to know who He is, what he said and did, even if His followers don’t always represent Him well, He never lets me down.

Jesus said “let the children come to me” when his disciples wanted the kids to leave Jesus alone.

Jesus healed the sick and didn’t just forgive sinners; he met with them, shared meals with them and loved them.

Jesus was wrongly accused and crucified. Before he died, he said “Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they do.”

Jesus is the prince of peace. He is the way, the truth and the life. 

If you ever feel lost, He is the way. 

If you’re ever confused and can’t figure things out, Jesus is the truth.

If you wish your life made sense, was happier and more fulfilling, look to Jesus to find an abundant, deeply joyful life. 

I hope that during this Holy Week, you can discover or rediscover your faith and get to know Jesus.

There is nothing like having a true relationship with him. 

And when you find Christians who truly love and follow Jesus, you’ll meet some of the most amazing people in the world. 

I’ve met a bunch of them (a LOT) at my church! They are some of the most loving, caring, fun, talented and dedicated people you’ll ever meet. 

There are CEOs, blended families and bikers with tattoos who love Jesus and I’ve met many who have shown me love like no one else.

Please consider this an invitation to come give church a try, even if you’re not too sure about it. In Houston, you can come to one of the services at Second Baptist Church, or any other number of wonderful churches.

Come, enjoy it, soak in the experience, but keep in mind when you deal with people (though I hope you are loved and welcomed and appreciated), we don’t always get it right.

Come, looking for Jesus. And have the best Holy Week yet.

Love you!