How to Make Whole30 Egg Muffins (with video!)

Whole30 Egg Muffins
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There are a GAZILLION Whole30 recipes out there, so thank you for checking this one out! I’m currently attempting my first #JanuaryWhole30, trying to eat the healthiest I have in a long time! I’m focusing on lean meats, tons of veggies & fruit. The key is to keep it simple and doable, (and knowing that I can stop at Chipotle or Zoe’s Kitchen for official Whole30 meals for emergencies is making me think this is actually happening!)

If I can’t eat sugar for breakfast, what can I eat???

If you’re anything like me, breakfast is sugary and sweet. It’s all about cereal and milk, oatmeal with brown sugar & cinnamon, and a peppermint mocha if it’s the holidays. Y’all, we can’t do that on the Whole30 food elimination program. They want us to eat MEAT at breakfast. Ugh. Veggies I can do, but meat??? I guess I’ll manage.

That’s what I thought until I came across these AMAZING Whole30 egg muffins (or mini frittatas or egg cups…whatever you want to call them.) It’s just eggs, veggies & the delicious chicken apple sausage that I only tried because it’s officially approved by Whole30. I’m glad I jumped on that particular bandwagon because it is SWEET, even though there’s no sugar added!

How about egg muffins?

I’ve tried different Whole30 compliant egg muffin recipes, including this one from the Lake Shore Lady (it’s one of my favorites!):

As I was getting ready for this #JanuaryWhole30, I knew I would need recipes like this one to keep breakfast exciting (and fast!) Once you make the egg muffins, you just heat them up in the microwave and get on with your day! And you have breakfast for DAYS that your family can enjoy as much as you do!

I had wanted to make a video to share with you how I make them, so here you go! I hope you have as much fun watching as my hubby and I had fun making it (and even the kids, too! They got a quick cameo!) Haha!

How to Make Whole30 Egg Muffins! Click below to watch!

If you have any Whole30 recipes to share, please post in the comments below. I’d love to try some new ones. And if you try this one, let me know as well!

Laughing (and trying new Whole30 recipes) thru life,


How To Make Whole30 Egg Muffins

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    1. Thank you! I’m surprising myself that I’m sticking with it this far! But my doctor already lowered my blood pressure medication in just 1 week! I’m shocked! God must be doing something! 🙌🏼

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