Day 91: It’s 3 months ’till Christmas! | 101 Days till Christmas

It's 3 months till Christmas | 101 Days till Christmas Countdown kickoff!
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Reality Check! In just 3 months, we’ll be waking up on Christmas morning, hopefully to a beautiful day, filled with family, love & maybe a few fun surprises! Your favorite Christmas album may be on repeat. You’ll be frequenting the kitchen for ALL the delicious holiday goodies! And if you’re a Christian like I am, you’ll probably celebrate the birth of Jesus at beautiful church services. It’s 3 months ’till Christmas and I want us to head into this holiday season with JOY!

Yes, it’s really 3 months ’till Christmas!

This 101 Days till Christmas countdown is one of those things that gives me life. I love getting excited about the holiday season as early as possible! But you know what? I also need to be conscious. If you’re like me, you probably have a very busy schedule so time (and possibly money) are limited. That’s why it’s so important to prepare and plan ahead. I want us both to stress less and celebrate more!

So let me invite you to grab your favorite planner (digital, paper or both!) Look at the next three months. Pencil in ALL those important dates for this fall season! Here are a few ideas:

Fill up your calendar for FALL!

You’ve probably heard the time management and organization advice to “put the big rocks in first.” As we look at the next 3 months till Christmas, fill up your calendar with the “Big Rocks.” What are those important events and special dates for you and your family?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Family birthdays & anniversaries (My daughter turns 10 and my sister turns 40 this fall!)
  • School events
  • Sports practices, games, tournaments & meets
  • Church functions
  • Community / Volunteer opportunities
  • Date nights!
  • Fall festivals
  • Family Christmas Card photo shoot
  • Etc…!

You know how busy this fall season can get, so let’s CELEBRATE that we have 3 months to go! Let’s use the time wisely! And if you have any favorite tips that help you thru the season, share in the comments! We can probably help each other out!

Thanks for following along on the countdown! I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am! 😀

Laughing (and counting down the months till Christmas) thru life,


101 Days till Christmas Day 91 It's 3 months till Christmas pin
101 Days till Christmas Day 91 It’s 3 months till Christmas pin