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101 Days till Christmas Day 77 Christmas Wish List
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We are 77 days away from the MOST wonderful DAY of the year! I love Christmas (in case you couldn’t tell from this 101 Days till Christmas Countdown I have going on here on the blog!) I’m hoping to inspire YOU to plan ahead and enjoy the process as much as we enjoy the actual holidays. Having a Christmas Wish List (or two or three) can help!

Get ahead on Christmas shopping with Christmas Wish Lists!

You can start a “secret list” and keep an eye on what the kids say they love when you’re shopping or browsing. My friend Dawn shared her secret, an app called “Santa’s Bag!” It’s even password protected (wink, wink!)

But if you’re more of a paper planner, pen & pencil kinda gal (like me), I found these ADORABLE, free printable Christmas Wish Lists to help you start your family’s master Christmas Wish List! You might even surprise yourself by getting all the holiday shopping done early! That is my Christmas Challenge this year … let’s see if I complete the challenge!)

You’ll even find some fun Secret Santa templa

So here you go! I hope you find one that inspires you!

5 FREE Christmas Wish List printables

1. Dear Santa Wish List from Thrifty Nifty Mommy

I love that this printable can almost become something you put in a binder and save for reminiscing about when they kids were ____ years old! So sweet!

2. “My Christmas Wish List” from Becky’s Free Prints

If your kids change what they love every year (or every month), this should help! I love how it asks a lot of questions about “favorites” so you get a lot of gift ideas. But really, more than that, I think we’re so busy we sometimes don’t know what our kids’ favorite animal is, or what they would say is their favorite movie, sport or hobby. This could make for a fun discussion over dinner, sharing what each family member’s favorite things are!

3. Secret Santa Survey from Create Craft Love!

If you’re doing a Secret Santa at work or with family and friends, this might be the perfect “wish list” for you! I’ve loved doing these in the past. It’s always so fun to get to know co-workers a little better. 🙂

4. “Christmas Wish List” from Moritz Fine Designs

Did you see the “Read” category on this list? To this day, I LOVE getting a good book as a gift. When we were dating, my hubby surprised me with a C.S. Lewis book I didn’t have (The Abolition of Man), further cementing his position as “the right guy!” And my brother gave me a makeup book for Christmas that is STILL one of my favorites!

I also love the “Needs” and “Wants” columns for those of us who appreciate practical gifts. I see nothing wrong with giving appliances and tools as gifts if that’s what the person REALLY, truly wants!

5. The Secret Santa Survey from Teachers Pay Teachers

If you know a teacher, or you ARE a teacher (like my mom) and you’re planning a Secret Santa with your co-workers, this is PERFECT for you! I love that this “Secret Santa Survey” includes favorite teacher supplies, favorite scents (hello, Bath & Body Works) and even favorite quotes (hello, cute Etsy prints for the classroom!)

Now, let’s go print or download these printables and get to work on filling up your favorite Christmas Wish List!

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101 Days till Christmas Day 77 Christmas Wish List pin
101 Days till Christmas Day 77 Christmas Wish List pin

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