We landed in Puerto Rico! But what’s wrong with my cellphone?

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I have a quick tip for U.S. travelers, just in case you find yourself on a flight to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.


The island is a commonwealth of the United States. You don’t need a passport or currency exchange, and your cellphone carrier should extend coverage to PR, no problem.

With that in mind, when you land in San Juan, don’t do what I did and freak out if your cell phone doesn’t work and wants to empty your wallet with international roaming charges. 

I didn’t know that many major carriers, including Verizon, cover “roaming” in Puerto Rico under their plans. 

Of course, just to be safe, we called Verizon to confirm and were reassured that we could turn on “roaming” and not incur additional charges.

The Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan even had a helpful banner that I saw near the luggage carousel, with a link to a website that has  the cell phone info that I share here, plus a few more helpful tips, including:

-step by step instructions to turn on roaming on your iPhone

-phone numbers for the major carriers (to confirm that your plan covers roaming)

-and a menu to help you find the best beaches, restaurants and more. 

Here’s the link:

You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy Puerto Rico, stress-free!