#UnprocessingMe Day 5: Salad vs. Burger

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I’ve heard that some salads can be worse nutritionally than a burger. So I wanted to skip my homework (not check nutrition facts) and bite into that burger.

However, since this is #Unprocessed October (Thank you, Andrew Wilder) & I’m also counting Weight Watchers points, I figured I could do a little homework. Maybe a quick glance at that salad couldn’t hurt.

God bless my husband for being more committed to this challenge than I am. He was quick to order his favorite salad at Fuddrucker’s, dressing on the side. So, as he ordered, the bleu cheese, apples & almonds caught my eye. Then the dried cranberries convinced me to try Fuddrucker’s Napa Valley Salad.

I couldn’t find the full nutrition info on Weight Watchers or their website, so I used WW’s recipe builder for an estimate. The whole massive salad is 18 PPV (Weight Watcher’s Points Plus Value). I’m supposed to eat 26 in a day! 

But that salad is also huge, so I ate about 1/3 to 1/2 and called it a day. Dinner for 9 PPVs and water is not bad at all.

That’s the other victory. Water.

I bought a drink with the salad in order to get the meal deal. I got a little creative mixing raspberry lemonade & ginger ale, but after a few sips, I ended up getting a cup of water. I just really wanted water. (What?!)

Salad & water at Fuddrucker’s. That’s a huge step in this journey to #UnprocessingMe.


P.S. I took one bite of the bread – a personal addiction – but it wasn’t fresh, and therefore not worth the calories, sodium or fat.)