#UnprocessingMe Day 2 Eye-opening attempts 

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What I’m trying to do with this #UnprocessingMe series on the blog is, in part, to share my experiences as I attempt to move away from Junk Food, Fast Food, Processed Food, you know, just Bad Food in general.

It helps to have the #Unprocessed October challenge & 100 Days of Real Food pledge to help with meal ideas, motivation, examples & encouragement. And I’ll continue my Weight Watchers journey on this challenge, so you’ll see references to PPV points (PointsPlus values).

The key word on Day 2 of this challenge is “attempt.”

My attempt at a healthier breakfast was a tall iced caffe latte (unsweetened) (3 PPV points) & a turkey bacon egg & cheese sandwich (6 PPV points). That’s better than my regular 18-20 PPV points breakfasts!
Lunch was a double date with my hubby Adam and our dear friends Rudy & Jessica, who are expecting their first baby next month! I said no to Coke (a BIG deal for me), but I had 2 pieces of bread and 1/2 a steak sandwich with fried onions. I asked for the beer cheese sauce on the side & didn’t use it, so that was saved calories. But I did eat a few bites of a Ceasar salad (about 1/4 to 1/3 of the salad), and they served a side of chips with cheese and bacon (I ate about 5).

I made some good choices at lunch that saved me calories, but i can still make some tweaks (like skipping the white sandwich bread and chips next time!)

On an average day, I’d join the kids on after school snacks (sometimes fruit, sometimes cookies & milk!) but today, we skipped the snacks & took short naps instead. Yay!

Then for dinner, we went out to our favorite Greek restaurant & I succumbed to my regular: the Gyro basket w/tzatziki sauce on the side, fries and a Coke. We shared a small hummus & pita appetizer. I ate 2-3 lemon potatoes (so good!) But since I had pita triangles with the hummus, I ate the gyro like an open faced sandwich (just meat, lettuce & tomatoes). I think skipping the extra pita bread & eating more lemon potatoes than fries were good “attempts” to cut some calories & make healthier choices.

 That’s our little fam eating GREEK! 🙂

After that, we ended the night with sweet treats. I know we probably need to swap this part out for healthy stuff like fruit salad or smoothies (or some healthy dessert)! But tonight, my hubby & daughter got snow cones & my son and I got a mini Culver’s concrete mixer (kind of like a Dairy Queen Blizzard). A few bites into mine, I was surprised that I didn’t need to eat anymore. I normally eat the whole thing! I took a few more bites & then threw the rest away.

I think all these little attempts at following this #UnprocessingMe challenge are eye-opening. It’s helping me realize I can do this, it’s not “that” hard, and slowly but surely, if I don’t give up, I WILL see results & get to my big 2015 goal of having healthy blood pressure without meds.

Another result I’d love to see: help with this sinus infection/scratchy throat thing I’ve got going on. They say eating healthy promotes health, so let’s do this thing!

Sweet dreams & then on to Day 3! We can do this!