#UnprocessingMe Day 12: Ice Cream before Boot Camp

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Who eats ice cream before working out? 


Technically, it was a couple of hours before Boot Camp. It was an after school treat with the kids. But ice cream? 

If it had been a Nutri Bullet frozen treat with frozen fruit & milk, maybe that would’ve made more sense. But I am writing about my #UnprocessingMe journey, and sometimes, I have to admit, my choices aren’t the best.

I think writing & living these choices will help, in the long run, as I see them written down…and notice how crazy I am to “wish” I could lose weight without doing what it takes.

So, even on days when I make those crazy choices, I will do my best to keep tracking my progress. And tracking points on my Weight Watchers app.

As long as I don’t give up and keep trying, I will get there … With God’s help!