#UnprocessingMe Day 10: I wanna throw in the towel & eat a Chocolate Croissant

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Since I want to be honest on this blog (and in my life), I admit it. I threw in the towel and ate the chocolate croissant.

Even though this month, I signed and joined the free #Unprocessed October challenge, designed to help people eat clean, unprocessed healthy food, I’ve been half-hearted about my efforts. 

I’ve been content about small attempts at healthy eating, no matter how small.

What I’m learning (or re-learning), is that swapping one Coke for water, while eating a bunch of crap the rest of the day doesn’t do much.

My weight has stayed the same. 

And even though I saw a good blood pressure reading, it hasn’t been consistently lower. 🙁

That was me, pouting.

I think (pardon my quick psychoanalysis), that subconsciously, I want my health to improve by the power of positive thinking.

I also want it to happen overnight. Dang it. That’s not working.

So, I ate the chocolate croissant and thought about what I’m doing and what I want.

If anything, I might finish this #Unprocessed October challenge with more knowledge about what it will take to see results.

But did you read that? I did say I would finish it. I’m not giving up!

I think it will kick in at some point and the lifestyle change will happen.

I’ll be watching & waiting. I know with God’s help, we’ll get there.