The 23 days of Thanksgiving!

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It’s November and maybe you’re feeling it, too — fall decor is everywhere, Christmas displays are popping up and the holiday cups are out at Starbucks! Woo! This year, we have just 23 days till Thanksgiving and I plan to make them count!

What really inspired this blog post is that I saw two friends, Crissy and Geyce, posting what they’re thankful for on Facebook.

I see this every year and always think it’s a great idea … then I forget to post! But not this year! I’m inviting you to join me and celebrate the 23 days of Thanksgiving! 

I figured it couldn’t hurt to start today (even though it’s day 3), so here we go! I’ll share here on my blog. Feel free to share what YOU are thankful for in the comments below.


November 1: I’m thankful for my hubby, Adam. SO thankful!!!!

This was from a little coffee date this morning. I LOVE him!!! ❤️

Adam is really the love of my life. I have no doubt that he loves my true, genuine, cranky self (he’s a saint for that.) 😉

He’s the man of my dreams. And he’s made my dreams come true!

To love and to cherish

Adam is my prince charming who said yes to a Disney honeymoon because it was what my heart desired.

For richer, for poorer

We’ve done Financial Peace University together (2 1/2 times)! We are WAY better today than we’ve ever been and I can’t wait to keep going and growing in our money knowledge with you, Babe, so we can live like no one else now, and then later live and GIVE like no one else.

In sickness and in health

We’ve seen each other through illness, surgeries and recoveries, making good on the “in sickness and in health” part of our wedding vows. And I’m INCREDIBLY thankful to God for how we’ve experienced Him as our HEALER!

Til death do us part

He is there for me and has been the answer to my prayers for a “husband who wasn’t just a Christian”. I used to tell my parents that “when I met THE GUY”, he had to really LIVE in a way that showed he loves Jesus. Check. He had to have a good relationship with his mom. (Super check.) And he HAD to have a great sense of humor and make me laugh. (Extra check!)

Wow, God. I can’t even believe how much You blessed me with this amazing man. Thank you with all my heart for answering so many prayers and truly giving me the desires of my heart.

Babe, I’m SO thankful for you and love you more than I can write here on the blog. (You know I always love you on my blog. lol!)

Laughing (and being thankful) thru life,