Take the 1 Minute Thanksgiving Challenge!

The 1 Minute Thanksgiving Challenge
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In case you hadn’t realized how CLOSE we are to Thanksgiving, it’s a week from this Thursday.

Can you believe it???

We’re exactly 10 days away from Thanksgiving!!! Bring on the turkey and cranberry sauce!!! YUMMMMMMM!!!

Ok, I know it’s not all about the food (although Thanksgiving without turkey and cranberry would NOT feel like Thanksgiving…lol!) But seriously, this is an awesome time of the year to really, intentionally Be. Thankful.

I think we all nod our collective heads at this point.

When we see another Facebook friend post their Day 14 of Thanksgiving, we nod in agreement. We might even post a few “Thanksgiving Days” of our own!

And if you happen to visit the amazing Magnolia store in Waco, for those of us who are Fixer Upper fans of Joanna & Chip Gaines, and you want to blow your budget on some super cute Thanksgiving-themed wall decor, somehow it makes us feel more thankful than ever.

The truth is, Thanksgiving more likely than not will come and go in a blur and we’ll forget somewhere between today and after the post-turkey nap, to be thankful.

That’s why I present to you … THE 1 MINUTE THANKSGIVING CHALLENGE!!!

The 1 Minute Thanksgiving Challenge

You can take 1 minute today (or any day, on Thanksgiving, whenever!) Set a timer and say out loud or write down as many things as you can that you’re thankful for.

Sound fun???

Let’s do it!

Ok, just set your smartphone timer to 1 minute.


Hit Start and GO!

I’m thankful for my hubby, especially his health after major brain tumor surgery this year

I’m thankful that my mom this week has been getting the medical help she needs

I’m thankful that my kids have been having fun in church and that we did NOT procrastinate (like we usually do) on their science fair projects!!


I’m thankful to God for all His blessings!

I’m thankful that …


What’s your reaction when the timer sounds?

If it’s anything like my reaction, the more I wrote, the more I thought about what I was thankful for.

Wow! This 1 minute Thanksgiving Challenge WORKS!

Now, can I challenge you to share it with a friend? That would be awesome!

And of course, I’d thank you for sharing it. 😉

Laughing (and thanking God) through life,



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