Secret Keeper Girl Houston Giveaway for Moms and Tween Girls!

Secret Keeper Girl Giveaway
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Update: Congrats to the three winners! Johanna and Eli C., Elizabeth and Zoe R., and Celecia and Sarai M.! Be on the lookout for an email with more details. And thanks to everyone else who entered!


Houston friends! If you know a mom or a tween girl (or both), please share this with them! And if that’s you, GREAT! Secret Keeper Girl The Purple Party Tour is here in H-town this weekend and I have a sponsored ticket giveaway that YOU could win!

Secret Keeper Girl Houston giveaway!

I’m super excited to share this sponsored giveaway with YOU, thanks to Christian radio station KSBJ (where I used to do the morning show) and Secret Keeper Girl The Purple Party Tour! If you’ve heard of Secret Keeper Girl before, then I know you’re already excited! But just in case you haven’t, it’s a life-changing, super FUN event for moms and tween girls (ages 7 to 12).

Coppelia at a Secret Keeper Girl event
Serioulsy, the moms have fun, too!

At Secret Keeper Girl events they have confetti cannons, bouncing light balls thrown all over the room, lots of laughter, a fashion show and MORE! It’s so fun! I took this blurry (lol) pic at one of the Secret Keeper Girl events that came to Houston. It was a BLAST!

Secret Keeper Girl light up balls

The first time I heard about Secret Keeper Girl, I was SO excited to share something like that with my daughter Allyson! It’s one of those things that, even before I had a daughter, I’d dream of getting to do one day (if God blessed me with one!) And I’m so glad He did!

Coppelia and her daughter at Secret Keeper Girl
Silly faces! Because Secret Keeper Girl is all about FUN!
Coppelia's daughter at Secret Keeper Girl
My daughter was having fun, watching us prepare to kick off the Secret Keeper Girl event! We were there early, since I was emceeing!


Coppelia's daughter at Secret Keeper Girl
Feeling like a big girl, ready for all the Secret Keeper Girl fun (but the doors hadn’t opened yet, so we had to wait!) #RadioMommyProblems 😉

The thing about Secret Keeper Girl is that, once you know the secret, you can’t help but think of other moms and tweens who need to check it out!

I thought of my good friend Stacey and her daughter Shayna, who is like a big sister to my Allyson. Our families have known each other since we all used to live in Puerto Rico before moving to Texas!

I thought it would be an amazing night for the 4 of us, even though Allyson was not quite a tween at age 6, and Shayna had just gone from tween to teen (she had just turned 13) for this particular event a few years ago.

You know what I figured? The things they were going to hear (God loves you! Fashion can be modest AND cool! Listen to your mom cuz she’s cool, too! Lol!) all of those were things that would be good for them regardless. Plus, I was really looking forward to some quality mommy – daughter time … times two with our good friends! (pardon the grainy selfie! Ha!)

Coppelia her friend and their daughters at Secret Keeper Girl Houston
Curious about the blue light up hair? This was at the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour in 2014! That was a gift from “titi Stacey” to my daughter Allyson. She still has it 3 years later!

I’ve loved going to Secret Keeper Girl events because of the fun and mommy-daughter bonding time, but also because of the people you meet! These girls pictured below had a blast at the Secret Keeper event in Houston in 2015. And this time around, we’ll be able to take photos at the booths for both KSBJ and NGEN radio (where I currently host the Midday Show from 10am to 3pm!)

Secret Keeper Girl Houston
Belinda G. shared this from the SKG event in 2015!

Y’all know the city of Houston has been thru A LOT after Hurricane Harvey came thru and left way more flooding than anyone imagined. Many families are still trying to figure out housing, what do to about flooded cars, and so much more. A friend of mine had to split up her large family because they couldn’t all move to one relative’s house while they wait to rebuild their flooded home.

There is so much need.

I’m hoping that this Secret Keeper Girl giveaway can bless a mom and her tween daughter with a super fun night and the true hope that things really are going to get better!

Personal note: You may know that my family had to evacuate because of Harvey and we had no idea what we were going to do. It has definitely been an adventure! But I can honestly tell you that God has not only taken care of us, He’s gone above and beyond. I can’t wait to bring my daughter to this Secret Keeper Girl event to keep celebrating what God is doing in this new season. I hope you and your daughter (or a special tween in your life) can make it, too!

Enter the Secret Keeper Girl The Purple Party Tour Giveaway Below!

Secret Keeper Girl Giveaway

To enter the giveaway:

#1) Post your name and your tween daughter’s name in the comments below. (You can also nominate someone else! Big sisters, aunts and grandmas also count!)

#2) Share the ONE THING you wish your tween knew about herself. (Ideas: that she’s beautiful, smart, talented, that God’s plans for her are HUGE, etc… that sort of thing!)

More Secret Keeper Girl The Purple Party Tour giveaway information:

  • Three winners will get a pair of tickets to this Saturday’s Secret Keeper Girl The Purple Party Tour event.
  • Date & time: This Saturday, September 16th, 2017 at 7pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
  • Location: Gateway Community Church
  • Prize tickets are general admission. (For VIP and other packages, click here.)
  • Winners will be selected at random.
  • Giveaway runs Monday, 9/11/17 thru Thursday 9/14/17.
  • Winners will pick up tickets at Will Call the day of the event (Saturday 9/16/17).
  • Travel expenses are not included in the prize.
  • Giveaway is sponsored by KSBJ and Special Events.


Secret Keeper Girl Giveaway


If you know a mom or tween in Houston, please share this with them! Encourage them to enter the giveaway! I can’t wait to pick the three winners this Friday! Woohoo!!!

Laughing (and purple partying) thru life,


Haven’t entered yet? Post in the comments below!

37 thoughts on “Secret Keeper Girl Houston Giveaway for Moms and Tween Girls!

  1. Hey Coppelia! Sarai has been asking about this event… we have been hearing about it on NGen.
    Sarai is so friendly and outgoing! I admire her so much for loving people and going out of her way to make them feel comfortable. She is a sweetheart!

  2. I’m nominating my daughter Dangelina. She’s 9years old. I want her to know how much God loves her and want her to use her talents and skills for his kingdom.

  3. Parent: Anna
    Daughters/Twin Girls: 11 yrs. Natalia & Carmen

    I would like for them to know how beautiful they are.

  4. I’d like to nominate Mariah Giddens, a dear friend & a mighty woman of God who is definitely raising her little mini-me Trinity right! She deserves so much more for all the love and the Jesus she shares to all, not just her own, but within her Girls Ministry volunteer work. I know she’d love to take her little girl!

    1. And I forgot to mention, her daughter is a bright light to all and never hesitates to pray for people! I wish she knew how many hearts she’s touched and helped mend through the power of prayer!

  5. Parent: Anna
    Daughters/Twin Girls: 11 yrs. Natalia & Carmen

    I would like for them to know how beautiful they are.

  6. Hi! My daughter, Maya, is so excited & ready to attend! I want her to know that she is beautiful & wonderfully made and that God is always there for us!

  7. I would love to take my tween Abby to this event! We have never been and and would love to go! I would love something so positive for her to have and focus on rather than all the negative things happening all around us latley! A positive time much needed!

    1. Hanna, I used to feel the same way! I’m SO excited that my baby is 7 so we can finally do Secret Keeper! And roller coasters … which I’m happy to report she LOVES just like her mommy! Haha!

  8. Hi, my name is Lenzy and one thing that I wish my daughter knew about herself is that she wasn’t made to be like everyone else and that’s an amazing thing.

  9. Johanna concepcion
    Eliana Concepcion

    I’d like Eli to know that GOD has great plans for her; that she is chosen and very special to HIM. Also that she is loved.

  10. I’m Annie Alamo, my daughters are Victoria and Rebekah.
    I would love to take them to this event. I love that they teach girls about finding their identity in Christ and that He made them awesome and beautiful. it would be a great mother daughters outing. ?

    1. Hi Annie! I love your daughters’ names! <3 And I love what you want them to learn. You are rocking this "mommy" thing! Thanks for entering. We'll pick the winners on Thursday (1 day earlier, per the sponsor!)

  11. Ellie Redden, mom
    Emma Redden, age 11
    I want Emma to know that she’s beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, and doesn’t need to try to fit in with the “in” crowd.

    1. Yes! I love that my mom tried to teach me that message as a tween and teen as well. I think she did great … and I know you’re doing an awesome job, too, Ellie! Hugs! <3

    1. Thanks for entering! Would you mind sharing the one thing you wish Zoe knew about herself (that she’s loved, beautiful inside and out, smart, special, etc…)!

      1. I wish she knew how BIG God’s plans for her are! Since she was a baby I’ve known God has such a special purpose in her life and I see her gifts and talents shining through her all the time. I wish she could grasp the depth of her calling and God’s hand in her life!

  12. Mayra mendoza
    Daughter :Ilse Zuniga
    OMG thank you for this opportunity!!
    I think I need a lot of more time like this with my daughter she is just 10 !! I want she knows how beautiful she is no matter if she is tall or skinny and that in God all of her dreams can come true , that he has a lot of beautiful plans for her life that she is talented even she thinks she is not .. I want her to know and always remember that true beauty comes from the inside ?

    1. Amen! I love what you shared, Mayra, for your daughter Ilse! She’s blessed to have a mommy like you! Stay tuned — we’re picking 3 winners on Thursday (one day early!)

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