Mom! My drone just flew away!

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That was definitely NOT what we hoped would happen to the most loved Christmas gift of 2015 at our house: the drone.

 [wpvideo bHUHTcYe] 
My parents were visiting from Dallas, and the kids were dying to go outside and play. Abuelo Millo (grandpa) was happy to oblige. He took the grandkids down the stairs with the brand new drone that Santa had brought. Fun!

Speaking of Santa, he did a bit of research and found a pretty cool drone for a great price. It was so cool that, before the kids could play with it, Daddy had some fun testing it out himself! (If you happen to be drone-hunting, that’s an affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you extra, but Amazon pays me a commission for sales made through it.)

Back to the story, I had a “proud mommy moment” when I heard that big brother Christopher let his little sister Allyson play with his brand new drone. How kind! How sweet! What a great kid! Until I heard the next part of the story.

Oh no!! Mom! The drone flew away!

The drone’s remote was very sensitive and that tiny helicopter-looking thing had power! When Christopher won the “best brother award” by letting his little sister use his brand new, much-hoped-for toy, the drone flew out of sight, landing on top of the three story apartment building that we had no way of getting to!

My poor guy was so disappointed. But he handled it so well, Daddy and I have been thinking that we might have to get a new one. We just have to make sure it’s registered with the FAA (crazy!)

Also next time, maybe we can test the drone over an open field, AWAY from other buildings, cars, and little sisters. 🙂