Day 62: One Week of Halloween School Lunch Ideas! | 101 Days till Christmas!

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Wanna have some fun with school lunches this week for your kids? Add a fun Halloween-themed snack or two! I rounded up one week of Halloween-themed school lunches to mix things up in the school lunch routine. And also, because Halloween is just one week away! Hope you enjoy these fun ideas!

One Week of Halloween-themed School Lunches!

1. PB&J Spiders from Snackfy

Or, in our nut-free house, we would use Sunbutter instead of peanut butter. What a fun sandwich, though, right?! 🙂

2. Fun & Easy Mummy Sandwich Kebabs by Eats Amazing!

My kids would swap to whole wheat bread (that’s what we usually get!) Or maybe even delicious Hawaiian Bread! The cucumbers are perfect and, instead of regular cream cheese for my daughter who has a dairy allergy, we have been able to find dairy-free cream cheese that works! YUM and FUN!

3. Ghost Sandwiches from Imperial Sugar!

I can’t even with how adorable and spooky-cute these sandwiches are! I know these are pound cake + raspberry frosting “sandwiches,” but who says we can’t make them with whole grain (or white) bread and raspberry jelly? Too funny!

4. Monster Sandwiches from Feedly.com!

Other than the time it’ll take to cut the cheese into these fun shapes, these monsters are just ham & cheese sandwiches, with a little touch of “Halloween!”

5. Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas from The Daily Spice!

Um, excuse me, but I might make a few extra of these quesadillas and call them lunch! How fun are these quesadillas! And I’ve mentioned that my daughter is dairy-free, but thankfully, vegan cheese is a thing! 🙂

6. Monster Sliders from The Mamas Girls!

These could be be the “monster sandwich” cousins, monster sliders! LOL! I’m thinking they’d be fun for school lunches, or maybe even a fun family dinner, too! Why not?

7. Jack O’ Lantern Pizza Pockets by I Heart Arts & Crafts!

Did we just save the best for last? These pizza pockets made with pillsbury crescent dough are way too cute! And perfect for the season! We might need to make these and save them to enjoy while watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown,” one of our favorites this time of the year!

Hope these fun Halloween school lunch ideas inspire to have fun … if not this week leading up to Halloween, any time you want! Before you know it, our kids will bring home those cute hand turkeys for our art box! 🙂

Laughing thru life,