Day 58: Real Food Halloween Treats | 101 Days till Christmas

101 Days till Christmas Day 58_ Real Food Halloween treats
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Halloween doesn’t have to be a “horrible” diet day! You can enjoy FUN, real food halloween treats! And I say fun because that’s what we’re all about here on my blog and at home. I love sharing family, faith & fun with latina flavor! So I hope this round up of real food halloween treats inspires you! We can eat real food, feel better and still have a blast!

Real Food Halloween Treats

Eating healthy, real food doesn’t have to be boring at ALL! Check out these super cute ideas for real food halloween treats!

Pumpkin cutie & Banana ghost from Snack Girl

I have a feeling it doesn’t get easier than these snacks! And, I mean, easy AND healthy? Sign me up!

Apple spiders by Brit Morin

If you have nut allergies, you can substitute the almond butter in this recipe for Sunbutter!

Caterpillar Grapes from Mummy Pages

These are more cute than creepy, but who can say no to “caterpillar grapes”? Adorable and healthy! YUM!

Banana Pretzel Spiders from

I thought at first these were marshmallows, but they’re BANANAS! I think, either way, you can’t go wrong. But go with bananas, since this is about “Real Food” halloween treats! Save the marshmallows for CHRISTMAS! lol

Halloween Ghost Fruit Kabobs from Pretty Rad Lists

I know it’s the 2nd fruit kabob idea here, but food on a stick is just so fun and easy! I couldn’t resist! Plus, these are kind of hilarious, too!

Do you have any healthy, real food Halloween treats that your family loves? Share in the comments! I’m always looking for fun things to try to make healthy eating fun! It’s just more sustainable that way! (Although my kids already love veggies, so I can’t complain!

Hope you have a very happy, fun & healthy Halloween!

Laughing thru life,


101 Days till Christmas Day 58_ Real Food Halloween treats pin
101 Days till Christmas Day 58_ Real Food Halloween treats pin