Add Sparkle & Freshness to your Busy Mom Laundry Routine!

Gain flings, scent booster beads and dryer sheets
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One of the best feelings EVER is stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a warm, fresh smelling towel. And what about snuggling with the kids in bed after they’ve showered, smelling so fresh and clean with those soft, cozy PJs? Those are the BEST moments! And you gotta love that those moments definitely smell nicer than the “fresh off the school bus” smell or the “right after gymnastics and basketball practice” smell. But sometimes we’re super busy and laundry is piled up …. smelling anything but fresh! This busy mom laundry routine might help! We all know laundry is a chore, but we can look forward to it, knowing those warm, fresh smells are coming! And if we have a sparkly new scent, like Gain Fresh Water Sparkle™ to enjoy, even better!

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Warm, clean, fresh smelling laundry is life

If you love fresh smells in your home as much as I do, I can’t wait to share with you my latest find here on this blog post, sponsored by Gain Fresh Water Sparkle™! I recently stopped by a Dollar General (gotta love quick stops that get you in and out with what you need, fast!) We go through a lot of laundry for our family of 4. I’m guessing it’s probably because = sports! Both of my kids go through basketball and gymnastics outfits like they practice every day…because they “almost” do! It’s really 4 to 5 days a week, but still! That amounts to a lot of laundry, especially on games and tournaments and meets weeks (oh, my!) Not only do my sporty kids love their basketball and gymnastics … we also throw in the occasional fun Christmas in July 5k! This one benefited the Salvation Army! (Talk about smelly laundry that weekend! HA! But we earned those medals that double as Christmas ornaments!)

Christmas in July 5k 2018

Bring on all that sweaty sports gear! HA!

That is my kids’ life right now — basketball and gymnastics. Maybe you can relate! Both of mine are in the “tween” stage (they’re 12 and 8.) And honestly, don’t tell them, but I’m starting to notice that laundry smells a bit more than usual! Ha! So, as I was checking out Gain flings!™ laundry pods and read that they make laundry smell super fresh, I couldn’t wait to try it, especially in that Fresh Water Sparkle™ scent!

]Gain Fresh Water Sparkle for kids sports gear
My babies’ passion — basketball and the Golden State Warriors and gymnastics!

Special scents make life better!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only mom who picks things based on scent. It really makes a difference! I mean, right now, it’s all about fall decor and pumpkin spice and apple cider. Just thinking about it makes me want to grab a bag of those decorative pine cones that smell like cinnamon! And I can’t wait until it’s fresh Christmas trees and peppermint mocha season! There’s something about special scents that can make us feel warm and fuzzy. Maybe you also love those whimsical scents for your home. If you’re like me, you also love a fresh, clean smell in our laundry room (and in my kids’ gym and sports bags!) Gain’s Fresh Water Sparkle™ kicks it up a notch with, not just their Gain flings!™ laundry pods, but these cool new Gain fireworks!™ in-wash scent booster beads!  Our family is also fan of dryer sheets for bags, closets, luggage, etc … It’s a great feeling to open a bag or pull out bedding that still smells fresh from the closet! Even in the car, my hubby commented how nice it smelled the day we bought Gain Dryer Sheets in the Fresh Water Sparkle​ scentI think we’ll be keeping some handy, just to keep that Fresh Water Sparkle™ scent! It’s like the more Gain Fresh Water Sparkle™ you use, the more you enjoy that fresh smell and the longer it lasts!

Gain flings, scent booster beads and dryer sheets
I also love the “CHILD-GUARD” reminder on the package. My kids are older, but it’s always good to keep laundry products away from kids.

Perfect for busy families!

If you’re on the run like we are (school, both my husband and I working full time, sports activities and church) we are definitely on the GO! Quick stops for grocery and other items are time-saving magic! So I really appreciated that Dollar General had the exclusive Fresh Water Sparkle™ Gain products! They had a whole section dedicated to them!

[Gain at Dollar General
I LOVED finding a whole section dedicated to Gain … and finding Christmas decorations nearby!

Special shoutout to my hubby!

You gotta love involved husbands and dads like my guy, Adam! He knew I was looking for Gain, but specifically that I wanted Fresh Water Sparkle™ and at first, I couldn’t find it. Suddenly, he called out “Hey, Babe!” And he points at this whole section! Babe, you rock! 😉 #BestHubbyEVER

Awesome husband helping find Gain Fresh Water Sparkle at Dollar General

Try THIS Fresh Laundry Routine!

Wanna try a fresh new sparkly laundry routine? Check this out! FIRST, add your Gain flings!™ laundry pods in Fresh Water Sparkle™ from Dollar General to your washer. Just one is perfect for a regular load. You’ll love that they have 50% more scent than the liquid laundry detergent. And you can use them in hot or cold water. Plus, they’re HE compatible. Just remember to place the pac directly into the drum before you add your clothes. NEXT, sprinkle some Gain fireworks!™ in-wash scent booster beads, directly into the washer drum as well. If you want a stronger smell, add more beads. If not, just a little sprinkle of beads should do it! FINALLY, use your Fresh Water Sparkle™ Gain Dryer Sheets in the dryer. They’ll fight static, your clothes should be less wrinkled (yay!), softer, and they’ll smell amazing! And you just won at laundry! Haha! Also be sure to check out the limited time coupons.

Pro Tip: One of my favorite home organization websites, The Flylady, has some more laundry day tips to help you stay on top of what she calls “Mt. Washmore.” One of my favorites is “a load a day keeps Mr. Washmore away.” I don’t always get to do a load a day, but I try! And when the kids help, we get even more done!

Isn’t that a fresh, sparkly way to boost your laundry routine? Here’s to awesome, special scents that make every day special in our homes.

Laughing (and sparkling) thru life,


Add Sparkle & Freshness to your Busy Mom Laundry Routine with Gain #Ad